Mommy Life

One of the joys of my life is being a MOPS coordinator. I get to meet other women from different walks of life. These women stretch me, challenge me, encourage me, catch me when I fall, and most of all they love me for being me.
When I first became a mom I struggled with what that looked like. I worked and got a lot of flack for being a full time working mom. Then I quit my job and I was BORED and lonely. I found MOPS and wasn’t bored anymore. I went back to a part time job for a while to help pay off some bills and I was never chastised for working. Theses moms got it, some of them were working part time too! We had our motherhood in common and nothing else mattered. Now, I am back to full time motherhood with a little side business, Mom 4ce, and my MOPS friends are supporting and cheering me on. In fact, I am in business with a fellow MOPS mom!
What about you, do you have support when you need it most?