One Point Eight Million

1.8 million, that’s the number of unchurched people in the Austin area.  That’s 85% of the population. 

To me, after living most of my life in the Bible belt that number is astounding.   It shouldn’t really be though, we are the only Christians on our street.  I’ve commented several times on the fact that it feels like I’ve moved to another country instead of just 180 miles.  The truth is, I sort of have moved to a new country. 

The numbers still ring in my head after hearing them on Monday night, one point eight million.

Twelve years ago I wanted to be a missionary. 

God has put us right smack in the middle of a mission field and we are excited, nervous, and feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

We are praying, reading, and saturating ourselves in the Word. 

So we ask for prayers from all  of you that are reading this.




Prayer Answered

My boys received the best gift ever on Christmas Day, it snowed!  As you all know they had prayed all month long for a white Christmas.  It didn’t snow a lot, a quarter on an inch, but to my three Texans you would have thought that we had a blizzard.  They loved going out in the snow and “eating” snowflakes.  I only got pictures on my husband’s Iphone so no pictures to share here but it is something my boys will remember their whole lives. 

It was mentioned to me that I should teach my children to pray about more important things than snow.  Here is my answer to that.  God cares about every single thing in our lives, not just the BIG GIANT TROUBLES but also the small minute mundane.  He heard the prayers of my three little boys and chose to answer yes.  My boys do pray about BIG things too.  They have prayed for missionaries, hurt, sick, hungry, dying, etc.  They have heard God say no, yes, and wait. 

However, to seven and four year old’s snow is a BIG thing.  When they pray for the next BIG thing they will remember that God answered their prayer for snow on Christmas Day.  I pray that in those times of hurt and confusion that they will remember that they serve a God who listens to a little boys prayer for snow. 

What are you praying for?

What My Kids Taught Me


No, this isn’t around my house at all, I live in Texas and we don’t get that much snow.  I did a Google search for snow picture and this popped up.  Pretty, isn’t it?

My boys have been praying for snow.  They remember two years ago when we got snow and even though up until last week we were all wearing shorts, they are certain that it is going to snow for Christmas.  I have tried explaining to them that we live in Texas so white Christmases are pretty much unheard of but the boys are not grasping that.  For the last two weeks the boys have prayed relentlessly for God to send snow.  On Sunday when we got a cold front the boys were so excited!  They woke up on Monday morning and peeked outside to see….nothing!  I told them that there had been snow flurries earlier and asked how they felt because God had answered their prayers.  Kamron looked at me and said, “No it hasn’t, God knows we want snow to play in.  Who prays for snow flurries that they can’t even see?”  I chuckled and went on and the boys have continued to pray for snow. 

This got me to thinking though.  How often do we not even bother to pray for something because we think it is too petty or too small to worry Almighty God about it?  How often do we pray and expect a little bit of a blessing when God wants to pour out HIS best on us?  We are told to come to Jesus like children and as I watch my boys and their faith in God I am humbled and so very ashamed, I catch myself praying by rote when I should be praying knowing that the One who made me, formed me, and breathed LIFE into me is listening and wants to give me the desires of my heart. 

So now I have joined my kids in their prayer for snow!