I don’t post on here often enough.  Mainly my time has been spent over at Mom 4ce.  However, I have decided to remedy that because I love this little blog and the fact that I can write about ANYTHING over here.

We have moved to the Austin area and with that move came many questions around us homeschooling.  We prayed a lot about putting the boys in school out here.  The schools are some of the best, it would free up some of my time, the bus stop is literally right in front of our house.  However, the more we prayed the more we heard God say, “No.”  I wouldn’t admit it at the time to anyone but I was so happy that God said no.  I love homeschooling!  Yes, it takes up a lot of my time but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids learn and grow.  I love mornings like today where while making breakfast one of the boys grabs a library book and then all of the kids are sitting at the table reading about lizards!  FYI, that does not happen every morning and my kids are just normal kids.

On Tuesday we had ice, yes in Austin, so Rusty worked from home and he helped Kamron with math.  I watched him struggle to grasp the concept of double digit multiplication with the determination of a general leading his men to war.  The satisfaction that we all felt when everything clicked was something I will cherish forever.  The ability to slow down our days and lessons when grasping a concept is elusive or a way of teaching isn’t working is why we homeschool.

There are also those days that I worry if my kids are getting enough.  Don’t we all worry about that?  Then, I look at my kids and remember that my job is to raise them the way that I was called to and that is good enough.


Mommy Life

One of the joys of my life is being a MOPS coordinator. I get to meet other women from different walks of life. These women stretch me, challenge me, encourage me, catch me when I fall, and most of all they love me for being me.
When I first became a mom I struggled with what that looked like. I worked and got a lot of flack for being a full time working mom. Then I quit my job and I was BORED and lonely. I found MOPS and wasn’t bored anymore. I went back to a part time job for a while to help pay off some bills and I was never chastised for working. Theses moms got it, some of them were working part time too! We had our motherhood in common and nothing else mattered. Now, I am back to full time motherhood with a little side business, Mom 4ce, and my MOPS friends are supporting and cheering me on. In fact, I am in business with a fellow MOPS mom!
What about you, do you have support when you need it most?

You Are More Than Your Birth Story

I was sitting at a Mom’s Night Out and one of the ladies there commented that if she heard another birth story she was going to go crazy.  Then another mom replied, “You are more than your birth story.”  That sentence resonated deeply with me.

When I got pregnant with my first born I felt as if I was part of a special club and actually enjoyed hearing every story that anyone could throw at me.  Then, I delivered Kamron and probably annoyed every person that stood still long enough about how I was in labor for 23 hours!

After I found out I was pregnant with twins I was not so impressed with the labor stories and I really DID NOT want to admit that I had had a c-section.  For some reason it made me feel like I hadn’t quite gained access to the special “birthing” story club.

Then, along came Anna.  The girl was born on Leap Day and she literally leaped out!  However, I was reluctant to tell the story because I remembered how I felt with the twins.

Each delivery was… Different.  Special.  Joy filled.

Yet, those deliveries don’t define me.  I am not less of a mom or person because I had a c section, had all of my children in a hospital, yelled for drugs, was induced with one, roomed in, roomed out or whatever else I did or didn’t do.

Your delivery doesn’t define you either. 

Don’t misunderstand me.  Telling your birth story is not wrong.  It is a very special turning point in your life.  Just don’t let your delivery define who you are.

You are so much more. 

Jiggle Butt 5K Recap

This is my first race recap but all the cool blogs are doing it so I thought I would give it a shot!

I ran my third 5k ever last Saturday! Friday night we had friends over and I may or may not have eaten too much apple pie…OOPS!
Saturday morning, I got up early. I stumbled around still bleary eyed and got dressed, made coffee, and chugged some water. My husband got up and took out the trash, he had bravely agreed to watching all four of our kids as well as my friend’s four kids so she could run with me. Her husband, “Sarge” had drill so he couldn’t stay with them. Lynette arrived at seven and we were off!
We made it to the site and wandered around checking out all of the different booths. We both got a free massage which was a good thing for me since I had fallen asleep on the couch nursing the baby, crick in your back anybody?
Around 845, they started lining us up according to pace time. I got in the twelve minute mile area but my goal was to actually stay in between the 10 and 12 minute pacers. I had never run a race where they had you line up with pacers, it was pretty cool. Lynette, AKA SuperWoman, was up in the front with the 8 minute milers and my prayer was that she wouldn’t be stuck waiting around for me for an hour…
Finally, I was off! My first thought was man it’s hot. The joys of living in Texas is that in January it can be 65 degrees and 2000% humidity! I could see the ten minute pacer ahead of me and at the one mile mark I was staying pretty close to her. I was feeling good. At the two mile mark I was staying steady with the 12 minute pacer. I was still pretty happy and wishing I had worn capris instead of pants. I was hot, starting to seriously slow down and praying I would make it through this race. That little voice that lingers in your head was telling me that I would never be able to finish. I decided to walk for a minute. That minute turned into two minutes. Then, the most beautiful sight appeared…SuperWoman! Lynette had finished and decided that she was going to run the last mile with me. I truly believe that if she hadn’t come I would have walked that whole last mile, my “mental mile.” We alternated walking and jogging that last mile but I made sure to run over the finish line! I finished at 37.15, eight minutes shorter than my virtual 5k in November! More importantly, I learned that I need to quit listening to that little voice that says “you can’t.” I can, and I will succeed!
I am so thankful for friends that help me push to succeed and my goal is to be the kind of friend that pushes others to succeed as well! I also got the joy of hanging around after the race and seeing SuperWoman receive a medal for finishing second in her age division! Go Lynette!!!

What are your personal successes this week?

The Ravings of a Crazy Pregnant Woman

I have debated a lot over posting this but decided that since this is MY blog and mostly everything I write is tongue in cheek people would either get a kick out of it or not read the whole thing.  So that being said, here goes!

*  When you see a pregnant woman you should NOT ask her if the baby was a “mistake.”  First of all, no child is a mistake!  The baby might be a surprise but they are NEVER EVER a mistake.  ALL children even when they are not acting like it at that exact moment are a blessing from God, the same God that opens and closes wombs.

* This goes along with my above statement but do not ask me if I know where children come from.  Yes, I do thank you very much.  My six year old who is standing right next to me does as well and yes, he will explain it to you LOUDLY in the middle of whatever store we are standing in.  Do you really want that?

* The question, “So are you going to get fixed after this one?”  is rude and offensive.  The best retort that I have heard for this question came from my six year old, “Mommy isn’t broken she’s blessed by God.”  I’m sorry that you are offended by my reproductive abilities but really I didn’t ask you if you were getting a muzzle anytime soon now did I?

* It is NOT okay to see that I have twins and immediately assume that I am having twins again.  When I tell you that I am not carrying multiples it is NOT okay to assume that I have eaten my way through my pregnancy.  Really, it wouldn’t be okay for me to walk up and inform you that you were fat why would it be okay to tell a tired, hormonal, emotional wreck of a pregnant woman that she was fat?

*  Yes, I am a stay at home mom/wife.  Some people have made up cute terms for their jobs like Domestic Engineer.  I haven’t come up with anything cool but my boys like to call me Wonder Woman or Super Mom, this isn’t because I am either but because they are addicted to superheros right now.  The comments that I stay at home and FORCE my husband to go out and “collect” a paycheck are loathsome.  I have worked outside of the home and would do it again if I had to.  However, NOBODY knows how gratifying being “just a mom” is until they try it.  Every moment isn’t gratifying but most of them are.  I am also one of those weirdos that dreads her kids going off to college though.  That being said, I’m so happy that you and your husband both work and send your child to daycare/ have a nanny/ etc.  I tried that and felt guilty every single day but I’m glad you don’t.  Thank you for announcing that you are better than me, I didn’t know I was in a competition!

* The best comment I have heard was today.  My Family Practitioner’s Nurse came in and saw that I was pregnant.  She was so happy and excited for our family.  She went so far to tell my boys that, “Mommy and Daddy want lots of kids because you three are so good.  Keep up the good work boys!”  That is how you should act people.

Okay, all comments are welcome as long as they are polite and respectful.  Feel free to let me know what people have said to you.

Your Questions Answered Here

When I had the twins it opened my life up to a myriad of questions that I got to answer whenever I went out in public.  “Are they natural?  How did you get twins?  How do you tell them apart?”  Now that I have told people that I am eight weeks pregnant, I have been asked even more questions.  I decided to compile them here and answer them once.  So here they are!

1. Did you plan to have this baby?

Yes and no.  We believe that every child is a blessing from God and HE did plan this baby along with the other three.  Through several different speed bumps we honestly thought that we would be adopting in a year or two, God showed us otherwise.

2.  How many kids are you having?

I am pregnant with one baby.  In the long run, I have no idea how many kids we will end up with.

3.  I bet you want a girl, especially after all of those boys!?!?

I want a healthy baby.  I’m not going to lie and say that a girl wouldn’t be nice however, I will be happy with either.  Four boys can be fun, I have a friend with four boys and another with five and they both seem sane.

4.  Are you going to have another c-section?

As of right now I am not planning on it.  I have no problems with c-sections and am very thankful that we live in world that we have the medical advancements that we do.  If it weren’t for these procedures then at least one of my kids would not be alive today.  However, I also don’t believe in abusing these advancements either.

5. You WILL be breastfeeding won’t you?

Probably, I don’t know.  I am not the best breastfeeder.  I struggled with Kamron and REALLY struggled with the twins but I plan on doing it again.  I know that it’s best and am more confident now than I was three years ago.  However, I am not going to beat myself up if I don’t do everything “perfectly” either. I can almost guarantee that this baby will have more to hold against me than if I breastfed or bottlefed him or her!

6.  Are you going to cloth diaper this baby?

Yes, I am looking into it.  I HATE running out of diapers and having to head out to the store for them.  So out of pure laziness I will be cloth diapering.

7.  So, you are going to have to quit doing Pampered Chef?

Are you kidding?  I will have four kids and I love my business!  I might have to slow down and book a lot of catalog shows but  I won’t be quitting.  How else can I support my love of quality cooking toys?

8.  How are you feeling?

I feel sick a lot, especially in the morning and at night or anytime I get hot.  Other than that I feel pregnant.

9.  When are you due?

From the measurements that were taken, I am due on March 4, 2012.  However, the Dr said that he can be off by two weeks on either side.  I think I am actually due in February but since I don’t know when my last cycle was nobody is positive.

10.  Wow, you sure have your hands full!  Your husband travels too?

Yes, I do have my hands full, of amazing blessings.  Rusty does travel a lot and the boys are busy but I love the life that God has given us.  He has blessed my husband with a job that provides for us, boys that make life fun, and I am ready for this new adventure!

So there you go.  I am sure that there are more questions but these are the ones that I am willing to answer.


My days are always interesting.  With three boys and a dog you just never know what to expect!  Lately, my oldest, Kamron (5) has become obsessed with Toy Story and Star Wars.  These two movies series oddly coexist together in a strange series of games.

Kamron now jumps off the back of the couch screaming, “To infinity and beyond” and will then use his “light saver” to beat up Zurg.  Of course to not be out maneuvered Ryan and Dylan, (2) have to use their empty water guns to join in the attack!  Then, all three of them attempt to ride “Bullseye” (our poor dog, Boomerang) to go on their next adventure!

This morning as I swept out my garage, my little helpers decided to join in on the fun.  Ryan grabbed the dust mop, Dylan grabbed the Swiffer, and Kamron decided he would “blow” the dirt out of the garage.  Well, my garage has a little less dirt in it!

Now, some people may be shaking their heads wondering how I live in such chaos.  Personally, I find it totally hilarious!  I had planned on having perfect children who always cleaned their rooms, helped around the house, and played quietly.  I got three funny boys who clean their room after being reminded, help around the house in their own special ways, and play loudly.  I wouldn’t change it for the world!

And so I just have to say, “To Infinity And Beyond!”