One Point Eight Million

1.8 million, that’s the number of unchurched people in the Austin area.  That’s 85% of the population. 

To me, after living most of my life in the Bible belt that number is astounding.   It shouldn’t really be though, we are the only Christians on our street.  I’ve commented several times on the fact that it feels like I’ve moved to another country instead of just 180 miles.  The truth is, I sort of have moved to a new country. 

The numbers still ring in my head after hearing them on Monday night, one point eight million.

Twelve years ago I wanted to be a missionary. 

God has put us right smack in the middle of a mission field and we are excited, nervous, and feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

We are praying, reading, and saturating ourselves in the Word. 

So we ask for prayers from all  of you that are reading this.




The Exodus Road

I read a post on a blog a month or so ago about The Exodus Road and I became intrigued.  I went to their website, and poked around.  I talked to my husband about all that I had seen.  Then, I kept on going to their website and their Facebook page.  I prayed for this group and knew that I had to do something more.  So, I applied to be a blogger for them.  I want to be a voice for those that can’t speak.

I look at each of my four kids and imagine if they were in slavery, unable to cry out for help and my heart breaks.  If they were in that darkness I pray that someone would tell their story, fight for them, cry out on their behalf; and so I have decided to be that voice.  I ask that you go to and see what they do.  Then please pray about what you can do.  If you have a blog apply to be a blogger.  If you want to donate to help fund a rain, please give.  Most importantly, please pray.  Pray for all of the kids in slavery, pray for the investigators, pray as you feel led.

I will be posting here every few weeks about The Exodus Road, I hope that you are as moved by the work they are doing as I was.