I don’t post on here often enough.  Mainly my time has been spent over at Mom 4ce.  However, I have decided to remedy that because I love this little blog and the fact that I can write about ANYTHING over here.

We have moved to the Austin area and with that move came many questions around us homeschooling.  We prayed a lot about putting the boys in school out here.  The schools are some of the best, it would free up some of my time, the bus stop is literally right in front of our house.  However, the more we prayed the more we heard God say, “No.”  I wouldn’t admit it at the time to anyone but I was so happy that God said no.  I love homeschooling!  Yes, it takes up a lot of my time but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids learn and grow.  I love mornings like today where while making breakfast one of the boys grabs a library book and then all of the kids are sitting at the table reading about lizards!  FYI, that does not happen every morning and my kids are just normal kids.

On Tuesday we had ice, yes in Austin, so Rusty worked from home and he helped Kamron with math.  I watched him struggle to grasp the concept of double digit multiplication with the determination of a general leading his men to war.  The satisfaction that we all felt when everything clicked was something I will cherish forever.  The ability to slow down our days and lessons when grasping a concept is elusive or a way of teaching isn’t working is why we homeschool.

There are also those days that I worry if my kids are getting enough.  Don’t we all worry about that?  Then, I look at my kids and remember that my job is to raise them the way that I was called to and that is good enough.


Should You Homeschool?

I was recently talking to another mom about homeschooling and she asked me if I thought she should homeschool her child.  I think I shocked her by my answer…  “Probably not, but maybe, what is God telling you to do?”  You see, I don’t think that every one should homeschool…

I believe wholeheartedly that every parent needs to do what is best for them and their family.  Some families are called to homeschool, private school, and yes to public school.  Even under those three terms are a myriad of styles that they have to chose from and some will do different types of school for each of their children.

I do not believe that there is any type of school that is better than any other.  I do believe that there are types of school that are better for certain children though.  That is why it saddens me when moms tote their style of schooling as better than any other style.  Honestly, there isn’t a perfect type of schooling, it is just a myth just like the myth of the perfect child.



What I Have Been Learning

What I Have Been Learning

Last year when I started Kamron in Kindergarten I had a whole set of thoughts and ideals on how homeschooling should be done. We joined a coop, bought a TON of curriculum, I made a schedule, I had lesson plans, and I looked down on people that weren’t as “together” as me. Then, I crashed and burned. I didn’t just crash and burn a little I went up in flames and enrolled Kamron in a charter school. I felt like the biggest failure and was somewhat ashamed that I failed.
This Summer many people were surprised that we were homeschooling again but Rusty and I were sure that God had called us to homeschool again. This year I bought a different curriculum and had a very casual schedule. I have loosely followed the lesson plans and really let myself relax. I have to admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed school this year and really feel like I have gotten to know all of my boys better.
When I stop badgering, nagging, and stressing my kids blossom and learn. That is what I love about homeschooling! I don’t have to rush my students onto the next thing, if they want to go deeper or need more time to process I am able to provide that time or check out the numerous books needed to learn. The most important thing that I have learned this year is that the greatest gift we can give our kids is the ability to find out the answers to the questions they have NOT to give them the answers to a test.
What have you learned this year?