Change is hard.  I don’t really care for it.  

I keep trying to.  

Slowly I am learning to trust in the changes God has set before us.

It has been good for the whole family to place our trust in our Heavenly Father and walk blindly.

I have been blessed as I learned to let go of my control, my need to know exactly what will happen next, and my weakness. 

Have you ever had to accept changes that you had no control over?


Prayer Answered

My boys received the best gift ever on Christmas Day, it snowed!  As you all know they had prayed all month long for a white Christmas.  It didn’t snow a lot, a quarter on an inch, but to my three Texans you would have thought that we had a blizzard.  They loved going out in the snow and “eating” snowflakes.  I only got pictures on my husband’s Iphone so no pictures to share here but it is something my boys will remember their whole lives. 

It was mentioned to me that I should teach my children to pray about more important things than snow.  Here is my answer to that.  God cares about every single thing in our lives, not just the BIG GIANT TROUBLES but also the small minute mundane.  He heard the prayers of my three little boys and chose to answer yes.  My boys do pray about BIG things too.  They have prayed for missionaries, hurt, sick, hungry, dying, etc.  They have heard God say no, yes, and wait. 

However, to seven and four year old’s snow is a BIG thing.  When they pray for the next BIG thing they will remember that God answered their prayer for snow on Christmas Day.  I pray that in those times of hurt and confusion that they will remember that they serve a God who listens to a little boys prayer for snow. 

What are you praying for?

My Parents…

Before I got married my parents decided to become full time rv’ers.  I thought they were CRAZY!  I honestly didn’t hide my thoughts very well and looked down on them.  Yeah, I’m mature like that.  HOWEVER, since that time I have watched their ability to move wherever God has called them with something akin to wonder.  If God called me to move it would take at least a two weeks to pack; it takes my parents long enough to hook the trailer up to the rv. 

I have a problem and I am going to post it out here to them masses… I have too much stuff!  The problem is starting to flow out of my bedroom, off of my desk, and seriously out of the boys bedroom.  Through much of God’s conviction, I have decided to declutter. 

I don’t want to be defined by having a lot of stuff.  I want to be defined by my service to God, family, church family, etc.  I want my kids to not have to search for a toy at the bottom of a bucket but to easily find what they are looking for.  I want more of the life God has for me and I don’t want to be bogged down by these Earthly “treasures.”

Come back soon for pictures of this decluttering journey!