Be On Time

on time

I have entered what I fondly call birthday season.  With that comes reminiscing of my babies, who are no longer babies!  Kamron turns eight soon, that’s right EIGHT!!!  The twins will be five and officially starting KINDERGARTEN, and then there is the “baby” who is turning one this week.  Everybody has told me to cherish each and every moment however, I am looking forward to the future.  I see my kids having kids and I want to be sure that I have done everything to leave them a world they can safely live in.  That is why I blog for The Exodus Road.


Should You Homeschool?

I was recently talking to another mom about homeschooling and she asked me if I thought she should homeschool her child.  I think I shocked her by my answer…  “Probably not, but maybe, what is God telling you to do?”  You see, I don’t think that every one should homeschool…

I believe wholeheartedly that every parent needs to do what is best for them and their family.  Some families are called to homeschool, private school, and yes to public school.  Even under those three terms are a myriad of styles that they have to chose from and some will do different types of school for each of their children.

I do not believe that there is any type of school that is better than any other.  I do believe that there are types of school that are better for certain children though.  That is why it saddens me when moms tote their style of schooling as better than any other style.  Honestly, there isn’t a perfect type of schooling, it is just a myth just like the myth of the perfect child.



The Exodus Road

I read a post on a blog a month or so ago about The Exodus Road and I became intrigued.  I went to their website, and poked around.  I talked to my husband about all that I had seen.  Then, I kept on going to their website and their Facebook page.  I prayed for this group and knew that I had to do something more.  So, I applied to be a blogger for them.  I want to be a voice for those that can’t speak.

I look at each of my four kids and imagine if they were in slavery, unable to cry out for help and my heart breaks.  If they were in that darkness I pray that someone would tell their story, fight for them, cry out on their behalf; and so I have decided to be that voice.  I ask that you go to and see what they do.  Then please pray about what you can do.  If you have a blog apply to be a blogger.  If you want to donate to help fund a rain, please give.  Most importantly, please pray.  Pray for all of the kids in slavery, pray for the investigators, pray as you feel led.

I will be posting here every few weeks about The Exodus Road, I hope that you are as moved by the work they are doing as I was.



The Kids

The last month has been somewhat interesting for my kids.  They have watched me seriously purge my book collection, movies, and clothes.  I started with my items first so that they could see that it was not that big of a deal.  Then, Rusty and I put on two movies for the boys and went crazy purging their room.  They did NOT see the three bags of junk that we took out of their room and they have never mentioned a single thing that they are missing.  They now have a room that they can play in, clean up, and is not cluttered.  I need to go through so many more rooms in our house but I am slowly making a dent in the house.  I know a lot of people purge in a month but I need to do it slower and that’s okay. 

On Tuesday I told the kids that we were spending July as a no spend month.  I really thought that it would be hard for the boys to wrap their minds around what that meant, of course they amazed me!  Kamron grabbed a piece of paper and began writing down things that we could do that were free, Ryan and Dylan followed Kamron’s lead.  Anna doesn’t care as long as she is fed and a ceiling fan is spinning, she is one happy baby, haha! 

I really believe that children are happier with less and as parents we feel like we should give our kids the world.  How many times have you given your kids the coolest toy for Christmas and they were happier with the box?  How many trips have you gone on and the elevator was the best part of the trip?  Really makes you believe that LESS IS MORE. 

The Ravings of a Crazy Pregnant Woman

I have debated a lot over posting this but decided that since this is MY blog and mostly everything I write is tongue in cheek people would either get a kick out of it or not read the whole thing.  So that being said, here goes!

*  When you see a pregnant woman you should NOT ask her if the baby was a “mistake.”  First of all, no child is a mistake!  The baby might be a surprise but they are NEVER EVER a mistake.  ALL children even when they are not acting like it at that exact moment are a blessing from God, the same God that opens and closes wombs.

* This goes along with my above statement but do not ask me if I know where children come from.  Yes, I do thank you very much.  My six year old who is standing right next to me does as well and yes, he will explain it to you LOUDLY in the middle of whatever store we are standing in.  Do you really want that?

* The question, “So are you going to get fixed after this one?”  is rude and offensive.  The best retort that I have heard for this question came from my six year old, “Mommy isn’t broken she’s blessed by God.”  I’m sorry that you are offended by my reproductive abilities but really I didn’t ask you if you were getting a muzzle anytime soon now did I?

* It is NOT okay to see that I have twins and immediately assume that I am having twins again.  When I tell you that I am not carrying multiples it is NOT okay to assume that I have eaten my way through my pregnancy.  Really, it wouldn’t be okay for me to walk up and inform you that you were fat why would it be okay to tell a tired, hormonal, emotional wreck of a pregnant woman that she was fat?

*  Yes, I am a stay at home mom/wife.  Some people have made up cute terms for their jobs like Domestic Engineer.  I haven’t come up with anything cool but my boys like to call me Wonder Woman or Super Mom, this isn’t because I am either but because they are addicted to superheros right now.  The comments that I stay at home and FORCE my husband to go out and “collect” a paycheck are loathsome.  I have worked outside of the home and would do it again if I had to.  However, NOBODY knows how gratifying being “just a mom” is until they try it.  Every moment isn’t gratifying but most of them are.  I am also one of those weirdos that dreads her kids going off to college though.  That being said, I’m so happy that you and your husband both work and send your child to daycare/ have a nanny/ etc.  I tried that and felt guilty every single day but I’m glad you don’t.  Thank you for announcing that you are better than me, I didn’t know I was in a competition!

* The best comment I have heard was today.  My Family Practitioner’s Nurse came in and saw that I was pregnant.  She was so happy and excited for our family.  She went so far to tell my boys that, “Mommy and Daddy want lots of kids because you three are so good.  Keep up the good work boys!”  That is how you should act people.

Okay, all comments are welcome as long as they are polite and respectful.  Feel free to let me know what people have said to you.

Thankful Again

I know my last post was all about thankfulness but I must write about how thankful I am again!  Five days ago I sat in the back of an ambulance as my oldest son was rushed to Children’s hospital.  In spite of that adventure and still not knowing EXACTLY what is going on with Kamron, our family has a LOT to be thankful for. 

1. Rusty was supposed to be on a plane to Michigan when Kamron collapsed.  However, weeks ago, it was arranged for another person to go to Michigan instead. 

2. We have really good insurance!  I am so thankful that Rusty has the job that he does and the insurance coverage that we have is great.

3. Rusty can occasionally work from home.  This has been nice so Rusty has not missed any appointments and was able to stay home on Monday and still work. 

4. We decided to homeschool.  Kamron has not “missed” any school because we homeschool.  This was a hard decision but I am so glad that we listened and obeyed God when He told us to homeschool this year. 

5. Our church has been a huge support during all of this.  We have been supported in cards, phone calls, prayer, and a huge outpouring of love. 

6. Our friends from all over have been amazing and so understanding.

7. Our family has been great in praying for and with us.  It’s awesome to have a Dad that will stop and pray with you while he is at work. 

8. Offers of watching the twins, WOW!  I actually had 3 people offer to watch the twins while Kamron had appointments.  Not many people want to watch three year old twins, but I am so thankful that so many of you are willing to drop everything and watch my boys.

9. I love our Dr. and am so thankful for him.  He has listened to and addressed our concerns.  I am so thankful that we have a good doctor! 

10. Technology.  Yes, I am thankful for technology.  I have been able to text groups of people to let them know what is taking place and get immediate prayer, the same goes for Facebook!  It may not be personal but it is effective!

It is so important to chose to, “give thanks in everything.”  It isn’t always the easiest attitude but you will be blessed for it!





Whenever I think of Thanksgiving the song from Holiday Inn pops into my head.  I can hear Bing Crosby singing, “I’ve got plenty to be thankful for…”  Can you hear Bing crooning now?

This month I have tried to post daily what I am thankful for, the boys have lists on the wall of the schoolroom.  The things they are thankful for vary from the religious; salvation, God, God’s love all the way to the humorous; Batman, Green Lantern, candy, burps and then land upon the sweet; mommy, daddy, my baby sister in mommy’s tummy, hugs, kisses.  It has been a wonderful time of focusing on all that God has blessed us.  It has also opened our eyes that we can be blessings to others.

Today is Thanksgiving and as, “the month of thankfulness” draws to a close I pray that you all teach your children to be thankful daily for everything that we have.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  Keep an eye out to see my upcoming month long challenge.