You Are More Than Your Birth Story

I was sitting at a Mom’s Night Out and one of the ladies there commented that if she heard another birth story she was going to go crazy.  Then another mom replied, “You are more than your birth story.”  That sentence resonated deeply with me.

When I got pregnant with my first born I felt as if I was part of a special club and actually enjoyed hearing every story that anyone could throw at me.  Then, I delivered Kamron and probably annoyed every person that stood still long enough about how I was in labor for 23 hours!

After I found out I was pregnant with twins I was not so impressed with the labor stories and I really DID NOT want to admit that I had had a c-section.  For some reason it made me feel like I hadn’t quite gained access to the special “birthing” story club.

Then, along came Anna.  The girl was born on Leap Day and she literally leaped out!  However, I was reluctant to tell the story because I remembered how I felt with the twins.

Each delivery was… Different.  Special.  Joy filled.

Yet, those deliveries don’t define me.  I am not less of a mom or person because I had a c section, had all of my children in a hospital, yelled for drugs, was induced with one, roomed in, roomed out or whatever else I did or didn’t do.

Your delivery doesn’t define you either. 

Don’t misunderstand me.  Telling your birth story is not wrong.  It is a very special turning point in your life.  Just don’t let your delivery define who you are.

You are so much more.