Should You Homeschool?

I was recently talking to another mom about homeschooling and she asked me if I thought she should homeschool her child.  I think I shocked her by my answer…  “Probably not, but maybe, what is God telling you to do?”  You see, I don’t think that every one should homeschool…

I believe wholeheartedly that every parent needs to do what is best for them and their family.  Some families are called to homeschool, private school, and yes to public school.  Even under those three terms are a myriad of styles that they have to chose from and some will do different types of school for each of their children.

I do not believe that there is any type of school that is better than any other.  I do believe that there are types of school that are better for certain children though.  That is why it saddens me when moms tote their style of schooling as better than any other style.  Honestly, there isn’t a perfect type of schooling, it is just a myth just like the myth of the perfect child.




MORE Things I Never Thought I Would Say


As the mom of three boys I get the opportunity to say some pretty amazing, off the wall things.  People seem to get a kick out of hearing them so I thought I would share them with you.

“Don’t poke your brother in the bottom.”

“No lightsabers at the dinner table.”

“No we can’t go to Africa and ride a giraffe.”

“Ice cream is not a finger food!”

“Brush your teeth with your toothbrush NOT the counter.”

“Underwear have to go UNDER your clothes, that’s why the are called UNDERwear!”

“We can’t build a shrinking ray today, sorry.”

“Yes, it would be fun to walk on our hands today, why don’t you try that and tell me how it goes.”

“Do not put your sister in the dishwasher!!!”

So these are a few of the things I have oddly found myself saying.  Yes, there are a ton more but I have to go check on the kids…they are being oddly QUIET! 


Jiggle Butt 5K Recap

This is my first race recap but all the cool blogs are doing it so I thought I would give it a shot!

I ran my third 5k ever last Saturday! Friday night we had friends over and I may or may not have eaten too much apple pie…OOPS!
Saturday morning, I got up early. I stumbled around still bleary eyed and got dressed, made coffee, and chugged some water. My husband got up and took out the trash, he had bravely agreed to watching all four of our kids as well as my friend’s four kids so she could run with me. Her husband, “Sarge” had drill so he couldn’t stay with them. Lynette arrived at seven and we were off!
We made it to the site and wandered around checking out all of the different booths. We both got a free massage which was a good thing for me since I had fallen asleep on the couch nursing the baby, crick in your back anybody?
Around 845, they started lining us up according to pace time. I got in the twelve minute mile area but my goal was to actually stay in between the 10 and 12 minute pacers. I had never run a race where they had you line up with pacers, it was pretty cool. Lynette, AKA SuperWoman, was up in the front with the 8 minute milers and my prayer was that she wouldn’t be stuck waiting around for me for an hour…
Finally, I was off! My first thought was man it’s hot. The joys of living in Texas is that in January it can be 65 degrees and 2000% humidity! I could see the ten minute pacer ahead of me and at the one mile mark I was staying pretty close to her. I was feeling good. At the two mile mark I was staying steady with the 12 minute pacer. I was still pretty happy and wishing I had worn capris instead of pants. I was hot, starting to seriously slow down and praying I would make it through this race. That little voice that lingers in your head was telling me that I would never be able to finish. I decided to walk for a minute. That minute turned into two minutes. Then, the most beautiful sight appeared…SuperWoman! Lynette had finished and decided that she was going to run the last mile with me. I truly believe that if she hadn’t come I would have walked that whole last mile, my “mental mile.” We alternated walking and jogging that last mile but I made sure to run over the finish line! I finished at 37.15, eight minutes shorter than my virtual 5k in November! More importantly, I learned that I need to quit listening to that little voice that says “you can’t.” I can, and I will succeed!
I am so thankful for friends that help me push to succeed and my goal is to be the kind of friend that pushes others to succeed as well! I also got the joy of hanging around after the race and seeing SuperWoman receive a medal for finishing second in her age division! Go Lynette!!!

What are your personal successes this week?

My Breakup Letter

Dear Diet and Health Industry,

I have given you ten years of my life.  In that ten years time I have starved myself, given up multiple forms of food, felt guilt and shame for “cheating”, exercised like mad, felt unworthy, felt ugly, and basically showed my kids that looks matter more than anything.  I have decided that it is time to break up. 

Instead of punishing my body (and my family) with tasteless food and whatever you people have decided is the latest “superfood” I am going to eat yummy nourishing food.  We are going to eat what we like and ignore what you tell us to eat.  Instead of feeling guilt for not being a size two or four like your models, I am going to be healthy and enjoy life at the size my CREATOR made me. 

I am going to teach my children to enjoy life and not beat themselves up for not fitting into everybody’s image of what perfection is.  I am going to show my family, and hopefully other people, that we are all made in GOD’S image and everybody is beautiful.  I am throwing away the fitness magazines that have sold themselves on the altar of telling women and men that they will never be good enough.  I am good enough and so is everybody else on this planet!  I am trading in skinny, airbrushed, and starving for healthy!

I will exercise because I like and enjoy it not because I am punishing myself for eating food.  I will eat to nourish my body and will stop eating when I am full not when I have had too many calories. 

I have wasted the last ten years and I refuse to waste another day.


A Neurotic Woman No More




I have a sweet little baby named Anna.  She is our youngest and the only girl in our brood of kiddos.  Yesterday she turned ten months old!  However, I want to tell you about another Anna.  This is a true story that I am passing on to you from The Exodus Road. 


Our investigators met them on the street in a major red-light district in SE Asia last week– two European women, one from Moscow and the other from Chechnya.

One wore tall heels, the other trendy high-tops up to her thighs, which were paired with mini-skirts and make-up. Cigarettes in their hands, they stood on the street corner and tried to catch the eye of the Western tourist or local john who happened to be passing by, looking for drinks or fun, parties or sex.

And two of our investigators, posing as tourists, stopped to speak with these two Russian women. We’ll call them Anna and Sophia.

In the course of the conversation, Anna and Sophia began sharing a little more of their stories with our team. The girls said they were 19 and 21 years old respectively and were unemployed in their home countries. With pressure to provide for themselves and families in an impoverished area and with little education, they took jobs with a broker in Asia. They were told they would have solid jobs, making enough income to both live and send money back to their families in Europe. They thought they would be cleaning houses, working in a restaurant, or caring for a wealthy person’s children.

But what they were not told until they arrived in this foreign country was that the job they would be doing was prostitution.

And two months later, Anna and Sophia are still not allowed to leave. With little English skills and trapped in a foreign country, the brothel owner has both of their passports and is demanding that they work off a debt for $5,000 USD, which, according to the brothel owner is what the girls owe him for their plane tickets, travel visas, and housing.

On average, a prostitute in that area makes about $50/night. If the girls sleep with 100 men each, they will earn enough to cover their $5,000 debt. However, the trouble for Anna and Sophia is not that “easily” solved.

For every month they stay in apartments owned by the brothel owner, they owe him money for food and rent. And then, even if they were to pay off the debt in full and the brothel owner did return their passports {which he is not obligated to do}, the girls still would need to raise the funds to purchase airline tickets back to Moscow– another estimated $800USD. Without work visas or a place to live at that point, Anna and Sophia would probably be forced to continue the only job they’ve known in Asia– prostitution (the ticket $800USD ticket alone would equate to servicing about 16 more customers).

At that point, assuming the girls could make and save enough money to travel back to their home countries, the likelihood of Anna or Sophia contracting AIDS is incredibly high, not to mention the emotional, physically, social and spiritual trauma which comes from being forced into prostitution, unknowingly and against their wills.

The investigators are working to build a case against the ring that brought Anna and Sophia into SE Asia.  They could use you to help tell their stories, pray, and give. 

Prayer Answered

My boys received the best gift ever on Christmas Day, it snowed!  As you all know they had prayed all month long for a white Christmas.  It didn’t snow a lot, a quarter on an inch, but to my three Texans you would have thought that we had a blizzard.  They loved going out in the snow and “eating” snowflakes.  I only got pictures on my husband’s Iphone so no pictures to share here but it is something my boys will remember their whole lives. 

It was mentioned to me that I should teach my children to pray about more important things than snow.  Here is my answer to that.  God cares about every single thing in our lives, not just the BIG GIANT TROUBLES but also the small minute mundane.  He heard the prayers of my three little boys and chose to answer yes.  My boys do pray about BIG things too.  They have prayed for missionaries, hurt, sick, hungry, dying, etc.  They have heard God say no, yes, and wait. 

However, to seven and four year old’s snow is a BIG thing.  When they pray for the next BIG thing they will remember that God answered their prayer for snow on Christmas Day.  I pray that in those times of hurt and confusion that they will remember that they serve a God who listens to a little boys prayer for snow. 

What are you praying for?

The Exodus Road

I read a post on a blog a month or so ago about The Exodus Road and I became intrigued.  I went to their website, and poked around.  I talked to my husband about all that I had seen.  Then, I kept on going to their website and their Facebook page.  I prayed for this group and knew that I had to do something more.  So, I applied to be a blogger for them.  I want to be a voice for those that can’t speak.

I look at each of my four kids and imagine if they were in slavery, unable to cry out for help and my heart breaks.  If they were in that darkness I pray that someone would tell their story, fight for them, cry out on their behalf; and so I have decided to be that voice.  I ask that you go to and see what they do.  Then please pray about what you can do.  If you have a blog apply to be a blogger.  If you want to donate to help fund a rain, please give.  Most importantly, please pray.  Pray for all of the kids in slavery, pray for the investigators, pray as you feel led.

I will be posting here every few weeks about The Exodus Road, I hope that you are as moved by the work they are doing as I was.