January is the month of change.  Resolutions are made, resolutions are broken.  Diets are started, diets are broken.  You get the drift…

Personally, I don’t like change.  I don’t bother to make resolutions because I also don’t like failure.  The fact that 2011 has been all about change for me has seemed like a huge month of irony!

It all started with Kamron heading off to school.  After homeschooling him since September it was pretty obvious that one of us was going to kill the other one.  He is doing AMAZING and loves his “daily adventures” so this is  a good change.  The fact that he wakes up voluntarily at 6 may or may not be a good change!

I have started not one but two Bible Studies.  One day a week the twins and I spend the morning in Bible Study.  The twins think that they are going to school which is a good thing.  I am enjoying growing and learning from the women in class.  The strictness and structure of the study is good because I can not slack off without an overwhelming amount of work to catch up on!

The second study is on the weekend and has changed how the whole family lives.  I am also learning a lot in this study and the fact that it ties in with everything else in my life is a confirmation that I am where I need to be.  Both studies are convicting and stretching me more than I have ever been stretched before.

I have been working more on my Pampered Chef business.  I love my “job” and have enjoyed getting to know many families and helping them make quick nutritious dinners.

So all in all these changes are not bad.  Just changes!  When we allow God to have HIS way with us and our lives change is imminent.


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